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Ponderosa Ridge Apple Orchard

Ponderosa Ridge A Bed and Breakfast is home to a breathtaking 3-acre apple orchard. This orchard hosts seven different varieties of apples, perfect for baking and eating plain. Guests are encouraged to walk through the beautiful greenery and pick apples (when they are in season).

Learn more about or six apple varieties down below.

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Arkansas Black

Arkansas Black apples were brought to the United States by a settler named John Crawford and were widely grown in Arkansas and Missouri in the late 1840s. Arkansas Black apples grow more flavorful with age and when being chilled. At their ripest, they contain hints of cherry, cinnamon, vanilla, and coriander. 
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Fuji apples are a modern apple variety with predominantly sweet flavors. First discovered and sold in Japan in the 1960s, Fuji apples made their way to the United States in the 80s. Being a cross between Red Delicious apples and Ralls Janet apples, Fuji apples are known for their crisp, colorful exterior and dull white flesh. 
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Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples were discovered by a West Virginia farmer at the end of the 19th century. Golden Delicious apples quickly became of the world's great apple variations because of it's soft skin and sweet flavor. 
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Apple Hill Growers Association 

The orchard at Ponderosa Ridge Bed and Breakfast is part of a circuit of ranches/orchards called the Apple Hill Growers Association. Learn more about the farmers, their properties, and their history on our Apple Hill Growers page.
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Granny Smith

Granny Smith apples are distant relatives of French Crab apples who also have a bright green skin. Granny Smith apples are tart and acidic with slight hints of sweetness. They have many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar, and helping in weight loss. 
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Mutsu apples, also known as Crispin apples, look almost identical to Golden Delicious apples. However, unlike Golden Delicious apples, Mutsu apples have a sweet taste that is often compared to honey. Many bakers use Mutsu apples in their pies and desserts because they are large, sweet, and juicy.
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Red Delicious

Red Delicious apples are elongated bright red apples with a creamy yellow flesh high in fiber, and vitamin C. Red Delicious apples are most popular apples in the United States because of their classic look. They also have a long shelf-life; they can stay ripe for up to a month when refrigerated.
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The Apple Hill Growers Association has several orchards that allow visitors to wander the grounds picking fruits for later purchase. Ponderosa Ridge is not a You-Pick farm - only guests staying at Ponderosa are allowed to roam the orchard. This provides an exclusive and private orchard experience, and the best part: it's free!

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